New to Ocarina

Hello Everyone!

I'm new to ocarina, but I was really interested in learning on how to play the 12 holes ocarina.
It's been long long years ago since I learned on how to read the music, but thanks to "Ocarina Method" and "Noble by night" I know how to read music  scores now(but still a beginner). I bought my ocarina+book in amazon UK as I live in UK lol.

Thanks to Danish orchestra from this YT link.  It really inspire me to learn the basics. Then I found this community which is a bonus! I hope I'll continue on learning!

all the best everyone.

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Hey, nice to see and read you here !

I hope you don't have probleme with the site being in french.

We are currently undergoing a redesign, so there will be more technical content and tips for learning on the new version which will arrive soon.

I hope to read you again here and to be able to listen to a recording of your talents on the ocarina on a tablature.

Or why not read a tablature that you will have published.

thanks to you for your ocarina source that's seem's interesting :D

Have a nice day.

Hi, welcome!
It's nice to see that English speakers find our site useful.
I hope you find what you're looking for here.

At the moment we only offer tablatures, but in the next version of the site there will be sheetmusic in addition to tablatures.

See you soon

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Hi  and welcome  Hikaru_f ! :)